Must Have Baby Bedding Items: An Expert Buyers Guide

BY Admin   October 18, 2017   Baby Bidding

Sleep is a beautiful thing and it becomes even more beautiful when you put your drowsy baby down to sleep in his cot or crib. To ensure your little one will have a safe and restful sleep, you’re required to buy the right baby bedding items.

With so many baby bedding products available online today,it can sometimes be confusing for you to decide what bedding items you really need to buy for your newborn. So to help you out, here’s a rundown of 7 must-have bedding products that will help your little one sleep safely and soundly.


A crib is such an item that you definitely need to buy. Not only it provides a safe place for your tiny newborn to sleep up, but also it makes him feel cozy during sleep. Designed specifically for a newborn, a crib is essentially a small bed that you can use for an average of 24 months. In case you don’t want to invest in a crib, you may opt for a bassinet or cradle.

Crib Mattress:

After selecting the perfect crib, you’ll need a lightweight and breathable crib mattress to provide your little one a firm surface to sleep on. Choose the one that’s firm and fits snugly against the walls of the crib.Although most of the baby mattresses are made of waterproof materials, but if not, you can purchase a separate sturdy waterproof cover to protect the mattress from diaper leaks and spitting up.

Waterproof Sheets:

Considering the fact that babies tend to urinate very frequently, it becomes crucial for you to protect the expensive baby mattress from bedwetting and spits-up. And this is where a waterproof sheet proves quite handy! Providing a waterproof layer between the mattress and your sleeping infant, a mattress protector sheet not only keeps the mattress dry and odor-free but also ensures an uninterrupted sleep for your little one.

Swaddling Blanket:

To keep your little one warm and cozy while he is sleeping, you'll have to buy a swaddling blanket. Since swaddling blankets are available in a variety of materials, you should keep the current season in mind when you’re going to purchase a blanket for your newborn. For instance, a flannel or fleece blanket is suitable for winter season, whereas a thin cotton swaddling blanket works best in warmer months.

Sleeping Bag:

A sleeping bag, sometimes also referred to as a sleep sack, is essentially a wearable blanket that keeps your little one as warm and safe as a swaddling blanket does. Actually, baby sleeping bags are a great alternative to traditional baby blankets which are easily kicked off by newborns during sleep. When used correctly, sleep sacks are one of the safest forms of baby bedding. For the reason, they are perfect for outdoor use.

Sleep Positioner:

Babies, being very naughty and sensitive, move a lot while sleeping. Consequently, they are unable to enjoy a sound sleep. To deal with this problem, you can buy a baby sleep positioner – such as an anti-roll pillow – which is designed especially to keep your little one lying in the best, comfortable possible during sleep. Creating a safe and calm sleeping environment, an anti-roll pillow not only helps your newborn develop a healthy sleeping posture but also minimizes the risk of fatal sleeping accidents.

Changing Mats:

According to researchers, an infant urinates more than 12 times a day. That means you’ll likely to change your little one’s diapers oftentimes. Thus, a diaper changing mat becomes a must have baby bedding item for the first year of baby. What’s more interesting is that a changing mat can also be used as a play mat to encourage tummy time. We suggest you to buy at least three diaper changing mats for an easier diaper changing process.

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