The Mall Full of Candies and Delights and Adventure

BY Admin   November 11, 2017   The Mall Full of Candies and Delights and Adventure

When I was 10 years old my family went to the mall.  Many of my friends went to the mall as well so this gave us opportunity to play.  We would play hide and seek sometimes and beg our parents for ice cream and cookies.  Momma momma can I have ice cream...  No, momma momma I want ice cream... blah blah...  The fun adventures of being 10.

I remember one time we were playing hide and seek in one of the stores and my good friend Tommy had found me.  He was trying to tag me but I ran away and as I was turning a corner I slipped and fell.  I fell a lot as a kid so this was nothing new.  But this one time I fell on my chocolate ice cream cone.  I got it all over my shirt.  Tommy tagged me and did not care I fell or at least it did not seem at the time.  We were just kids though what did we know.  I went to momma and said I did not finish my ice cream and she seen it on my shirt and said un huh... and surprised me and just smiled and said lets not tell papa and got me another ice cream.  First she cleaned my shirt off first, and then got me a vanilla ice cream cone and said this will be less messy.